A brand is more than a logo.

Building a brand begins several steps before and goes far beyond then just a new logo. A logo and your branding go hand in hand, but they certainly are not the same. For sure, it’s important to have a compelling logo but building a strong foundation for your brand is way more important. What people think and feel about your company will be influenced by several factors. It’s a whole world. An emotional experience.

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Consistency is key, know who you are and stick to it.

Be who you are. Always. Because this is what people like about your brand.

A logo is your name and should be simple in any way. We try to create things as timeless as possible. Certain things are in trendy in a moment but a logo will always stay on top of your brand.  As an aesthetically design element, a logo should arouse positive emotions about your brand. It sets the stage for the story you want to share. When talking about visual identity, we are talking about marketing collateral, business cards, website, online shop, packaging or even the look of your presentations. Simply put: anything visual, from colors over fonts and an image world, that makes your brand unique. A striking visual consistency is important, because this is what people like about your brand. And how they recognize it. Just imagine yourself as a person, how do you look like? What sort of style do you like? Know who you are and stick to it.

Share your story.

Before starting with a logo, or anything else, you should think about who you want to be. Start with your core values. What does your brand stand for? When working with clients, we craft a set of core values, purpose, and messages with them,  that every aspect of their brand can draw upon. So a good logo can quickly grab attention and communicate a company’s core values in an interesting way. An identity must meet your visions. This is why we challenge our new clients by answering several branding questions that they might have not thought about before. Lasting Brands that want to make an impact have deep roots in meaning. People want to identify a meaning, not just a brands look. Yes, visual branding is important, but make sure to connect with your target group on a deeper, emotional level. Build up a bound between them and your brand.

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consistency is key

Pretty things wrapped up in a pretty package are just not enough.

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The way your brand can resonate with people is by fostering a human relatable personality. Think about who are you and how you want to be perceived by others. A maintaining consistency in these elements is essential to develop a successful brand. At the same time, start thinking about how your brand voice should sound like. What words are you using? Are you a storyteller? Or the more short and serious kind of brand? Is it we or just me? Make sure everyone get’s the message you want to convey out to the world. So, a brand should be consistent and follow a concept and strategy. A logo is designed for identification purposes. And a branding is an emotional experience that people want to be a part of. Don’t miss the opportunity to make it magic.