This really depends on the scope of your project. Our workflow for Branding and Websites usually takes around 2 months. When we start a new project we define clear due dates for both client and designer to make sure we’re all on the same page.

We also offer a Branding in Three-Day Package which is great if you are a small business with limited budget.

You are the one who knows your business the best. This is why you will be deeply involved in the design process, since all your knowledge is so helpful to create something meaningful for your brand. We are always happy to receive as many insights and inspiration from you, as you like. We communicate via emails and give presentations in person or via Zoom to make sure you understand our creative vision.

With our Design Sprint, we deliver Brandings in just 3 days. This is something for you?
Our offering is a great opportunity for those with fresh ideas but limited budget, to grab their audience’s attention and draw them into the story you’re creating, when you are – a startup that wants to sell a new product or service.

So who is this for?
Personal branding is the conscious and intentional way to create and influence perception of your audience by positioning yourself as an expert in your industry, such as: – Coaches, Yoga Teachers, Influencers, Artists, Doctors, Lawyers, eg.

What are the costs?
1800€ excl. Tax

We‘ve had the pleasure of working with businesses around the world specializing in Interior Design, Craft, Health, Wellness, Yoga, Sustainable Labels, Food & Beverages and much more.

Yes. We usually split your payment into three invoices scheduled by date, not by milestones. We do this to keep your project running with regular payments and help you with the investment.

We work remotely, for clients worldwide and are currently based on Madeira Island, and Germany.