Our Goal

We empower brands with purpose.

Choosing a designer is a huge step and we want to make sure we’re a good match. As a client, you will be integrated deeply into the design process to guarantee a perfect result tailored specifically to your needs. We specialize in brand creation to make sure you never miss a beat and stay ahead of your competition.

Our Philosophy

The world is constantly evolving.

And so should your visual identity. We believe, building a brand should not end with the Design – everything we create will be produced in an eco-friendly way to not only keep your customers happy but also mother nature. And on top, we decided to donate 1% of our business earnings towards reforestation.

BRANDY & COCO Lisa Höhne and Richard Redfern Header

We work remote. For clients worldwide.

We are lucky to work from anywhere. Feel free to follow us around the world and take a look behind the scenes.

Hej Earth