Reuse more. Produce less.

When we started BRANDY & COCO we wanted to have a positive impact on our environment. For us, this includes minimizing our carbon footprint, rethinking paper choices, and marketing collateral. We help you to be both good looking and environmentally friendly. As designers, we are committing ourselves to always inform our clients about their options with eco-printing materials.

produce less reuse more post card

We donate 1% of our earnings towards reforestation.

Since we are working from Australia this year, we will be on a mission to protect our climate by supporting reforestation. This is why we will be donating 1% of our business earnings to an Australian non-profit organization that takes practical climate action. We all know trees are a key contributor to climate change resilience. Our donation will offset carbon emissions, plant trees and revegetate forests. Let’s work together and get involved.

Let's choose the eco-option.

Did you know that approx 30% of global carbon emissions are caused by cutting down trees in the rainforests? Or that more than 70% of all paper comes from virgin fiber? We will try our very best to show our clients their best options, financially and ethically. The more material we re-use, the less waste we produce. Recycled paper also produces less air and water pollution. That’s a fact. Our right design choice today will make an important impact tomorrow.

Being able to choose the right ink is still not easily available, but a great eco option to work with. Vegetable inks are a renewable resource made of certain vegetable oils and a green way to implement into your media collateral. Besides, it can also be a wonderful marketing fact that will distinguish your business from others. And pinky promise, your product will still look amazing. It is just a little more sustainable. You would love to know more about your options? Let’s chat. We constantly try to stay on top of the game when comes to eco-friendly design. There are still many ways to improve that we don’t even know about yet, that’s for sure.