The Jury Art Prize

Together with The Junction Co and with the help of the Kunstmatrix System we created an interactive 3D Virtual Gallery and a Voting System for The Jury Art Prize. The Gallery is based on their real Exhibition Room. The award rewards local artists from all over Western Australia and is a great opportunity to show their artwork in the Gallery and get nominated as a finalist.

On top, we developed an Online Voting System which gives everyone the opportunity to vote for his favorite piece of art. Through this, especially during times of COVID-19, we provide access to art for remote communities. All artwork is connected with their Online Shop, set up by us.


3D Virtual Gallery, Voting System, Online Shop


The Junction Co,
Western Australia

virtual gallery phone mockup

Interactive Virtual Gallery

The project is such an enrichment, to showcase art in 3D galleries to communities, lovers and collectors, especially during times of COVID.

virtual gallery tablet
virtual gallery