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Welcome to Wonderland

The Enchanted Label is a wonderful boutique label from Queensland, Australia that provides meaningful products to endow the magic of childhood. Their products are designed from the heart, with a sincere love for natural materials and beautiful aesthetic. All of their beautiful children’s clothing and products are produced fairly and sustainably.

We developed a magical Re-Branding for them, that perfectly matches their values and also includes their new mage and social media look. Their visual identity is all about simplicity and slow living. By using little treasures finds and frames we reflect gratitude to everything people have. We love details and desaturated, unusual colors.


Concept, Logo, Brand Design, Socials


The Enchanted Label,
Queensland, Australia


"Working together with you has truly been an amazing experience. What won me over initially was your fantastic creativity and sense for design. But I would really like to let you know how much I appreciate your professionalism throughout this process, starting from clear communication, superb listening, and understanding the brand, all the way through to submitting beautifully structured files."

– Rebekka Atz, Founder
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A wonderful Logo

This brand ethos is rooted in reduction. An approach that seeks out innovation yet remains friendly and accessible. Their logo shows the beautiful Hinterland of Queensland, a mother’s eye, and a sun, that rises over the East Coast. Their Branding is expressed by a flexible new visual identity of modular play and variety.

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