A digital home fora cabinetry brand.

A digital home for Stay on Deck, an Outdoor Kitchen Design Company. We wanted to create something for them that goes perfectly hand in hand with their brand new identity. Something friendly, warm and informative that helps them to connect with their audience. The website is based on WordPress, which offers easy to handle Content Management and expandable options for their future.

The page comes with Newsletter and Catalog download integration as well as Contact Options. Our design is modular, just as their handcrafted cabinetry. For us, flexibility is key, no matter if it’s a website or a brand design. Additionally, the website lives through the photorealistic 3D Renderings we created and handpicked photographs.


Concept, Web Design, WordPress Setup, Hosting


Stay on Deck
Ottawa, Canada

virtual gallery phone

Contemporary and User-friendly.

The beige frame adds an elegant touch to the contemporary, organized look.

3D rendered kitchens notebook