The idea behind

Sunkissed feelings

Stay on Deck crafts handmade outdoor kitchens, with a combination of exclusive materials, traditional craftsmanship, thoughtful innovations, and a sleek look. SoD’s main values are honesty, sustainability, quality, and uniqueness. We developed an identity that plays with the shadows of the sun. It’s about the warm touches you feel while cooking outside.

The logo is playful as you can only see parts of the letters. It reminds us of the sun that divides things in light and dark or visible and invisible. The brand displays a home, the most beautiful, relaxing place where you are loved, respected, and cared for. Home isn’t just a house. It’s a feeling.


Concept, Logo, Brand Design, Website, Socials, Catalog, Renderings


Stay on Deck,
Ottawa, Canada


Earthy, friendly & smooth.

We use the warm Copper tone as an accent color and the dark Shade tone for typography and the logo.