Photorealistic 3D Product Renderings

For our client Stay on Deck, we created photorealistic outdoor scenes based on their CAD kitchen models. The scenes were chosen to reflect various environments where the kitchen could be installed, such as patios, luxury homes, garden houses, and so on. This helps customers to get an idea of what it all could look like in their own backyard.

All the Scenes were built and rendered using blender, an open-source 3D software, which has managed to establish itself to become a professional tool for 3D Artists over the last couple of years. Using vast library of furniture, plants and other objects we decorated the scenes to make them feel even more realistic lived in.


Concept, 3D Renderings


Stay on Deck
Ottawa, Canada


Light and Shadow

To add a warm and realistic touch to the Renderings, we used hard shadows to the Renderings.