Logo Design

Kids creating their own enterprise.

Together with The Junction Co, a group of home school and STEM students from the Pilbara, Western Australia had the chance to develop their very own creative enterprise. Each student tried their hand at screen printing, polymer clay, leatherworking, solar printing, and weaving, and considered which medium would creatively solve a problem they had identified.

We prepared a Creative Questionnaire for them, to tell us their visions. Based on that, we developed Logos and a Color scheme for them, to make their brands stand out. What a fun project and seeing the kid’s reactions was just the best!


Logo Design, Brand Colors


The Junction Co


Shared visions & ideas.

The product range varies from leather clutches, screen printed pet cushions, recycled luggage tags, earrings, postcards, tote bags, pencil cases, leather headbands, fur clutches, customized T-shirts, custom dog shoes, bling lanyards all the way to macrame wall hangings.